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Smoke Chat’s #1 electronic cigarette

Heads up to those who wants to live anew with a new set of priority which is having health as top priority. So if you are one of them, the first you must take is to quit your smoking vises; it is not easy, I know that, but do it! If you are really into nicotine then better use the electronic cigarette as an alternative for the traditional cigarette, the probability of getting disease is very low and this is recommended by many. Try the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, you might be amaze by its feature and effectiveness as an alternative. Just in case you want to be sure of how it works, read the electronic cigarette review of Green Smoke made by Smoke Chat.

Smoke chat have electronic cigarette review collections with different brands that users can choose from and all of the brands have been tried by them.

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(via ranking)

1. Green Smoke

2. V2 Cigs

3. Vapor Couture

4. White Cloud

5. Premium

6. Real Electronic

7. Smoke Tip

8. Eversmoke

What makes an electronic cigarette a complete package are the presence of throat hit, flavor and vapor clouds; all of that are present in every electronic cigarette, yet not all of them has the same impact to users.

As you can see above, Green Smoke is Smoke Chat’s top e- cigarette favorite; it just so happened that from all the e- cigarette they tested, Green Smoke has the strongest hit and has the thickest vapor clouds. Plus their menthol ice is the best menthol they have ever tasted.


Based on the tests made by smoke chat team, the only thing they found negative about Green Smoke is that the power hit can only last for about 5 seconds but no worries, you can inhale it twice so you can overcome that small problem. Well, all electronic cigarette brands have that disadvantage. The power hit only last a few seconds because if it is beyond that, the idea of being a healthy alternative will be forfeited.

What makes Green Smoke far from others aside from the hit and clouds is that its flavor is exceptional mainly its menthol ice. You can choose three tobacco flavors such as “Red” (Red Label), sweet (Tobacco Gold) and strong (Absolute Tobacco). Not only that, Green Smoke also has other vapor flavors such as;

• Vanilla Dreams

• Mountain Clove

• Mocha Mist

• Smooth Chocolate

You want more? Then Smoke Chat will give you more details about the extra bonus of Green Smoke and that is you can freely choose the level of nicotine you want to take. From zero nicotine to ultra light, light, full flavor and strong (24 mg, stronger than a traditional filtered cigarette). Another thing is that the battery and cartomizer can lasts for at least 20 to 30 cigarettes.

No worry about the price because even though it is not so inexpensive, the quality and satisfaction it gives you is worth your money.

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